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About Cloud Firm

About Cloud Firm

About Cloud Firm
“Cloud Firm” is an open community among experts beyond each organization,
a place for matching companies and experts,
and a database that serves as the basis for them.

Cloud Firm's database is an open source of know-how and corporate expertise.
Registered experts can join us as collaborators to enrich the database through their contributions.

Registered experts based on their specialties, past evaluations and deliverables can exchange news and information on legal reforms, search for the best experts to form project teams.

Here is how Cloud Firm can assist you:


Career Development & Area of Expertise

Young specialists' area of expertise is developed through work experience in organization, often limited by the supervisor's expertise, one has at work.
How to grow and build your own area of expertise?

Through use of LECIPE database you can access global expertise from leading experts in every area of your interest, which can be deployed immediately for your career & expertise development.

 (LECIPE: Trademark pending in Japan)

Involve in collaboration projects with other experts through our Matching Platform that will help you learn from these experts while you contribute on your area of expertise.


Database Created by Global Experts

When encountered with unfamiliar area of expertise, we do not know
a) who the best experts are to turn to for help or
b) where to find the required knowledge & expertise
Research in such cases takes considerable amount of time and monetary resources.

Our extensive database also covers
a) areas of practical expertise only known among specific community of experts
b) expertise scattered across various sources that may be hard to access or inaccessible to public
that can be utilized by our users in such cases.

Find and ask the best expert in the area of your interest from our extensive member database to help you with your queries.